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Updated: Feb 22

Since the age of six ADHD has dominated my life. I started medication shortly after receiving the official diagnosis. I started medication just as I was entering first grade and stopped taking it shortly before I started high school. I displayed a lot of the "clinical markers", inability to focus and sit still, touching everything even if the item wasn't mine and I was extremely talkative, (well if I'm being completely honest I am still am). As an adult I started seeing more of the comorbidities that go along with ADHD. I probably had these comorbidities as a child but just never knew their names. If I am being honest the anxiety and emotional dysregulation effect me more than the ADHD does.

I am a huge supporter of getting proper mental health care as well as medical marijuana. Full disclosure I am also a user of medical marijuana. I asked my therapist two years ago to help me get a card for my state as I did not want to take prescription anti-anxiety meds. I understand that not everyone is in support of medical marijuana or even taking prescription meds, heck some people still judge others for seeking mental healthcare. I decided to seek care in November of 2020. It was partly because of the pandemic, I wasn't like a lot of parents handling my stepson being home all day everyday. We were fighting so much and it was greatly affecting my relationship with my husband. Plus I had just never addressed my anxiety, ADHD, trauma from an abusive relationship, processed being adopted or just took care of myself. After taking Ritalin and then Adderall for many years I was done taking prescription meds unless it was for stuff like Bronchitis or the FLU. She was very supportive of finding more homeopathic remedies to my issues as well as actually addressing the underlying causes of them. I'll probably have a few posts detailing what I'm doing in therapy and how it is helping.

With all that being said, I decided to start this blog initially as a food blog, but then my ADHD kicked in. I was like oh I could chronicle teaching myself to sew, or my journey into planting and trying to bring up victory gardens or my attempts at homesteading including canning and other methods of food preservation. Hence why this blog is as neurospicy as I am, it is my hot mess lifestyle blog. I'll be posting about what I am cooking, favorite dishes I've made, prepping for the garden, renovations I'm doing to my home, how learning to sew is going, I'll try to do a mental health check in and anything else my hot mess of a brain can come up with. So get ready for a super loopy ride.

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